Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Royal Choker


Heres a small shot I animated at work! more or less underlines my disappointment at the way our team (The Royal Challengers Bangalore) performed during the IPL!
Thanks to my colleagues Balaji and Avinash who did a great job with the model, rig and the render!

-Prash :)


Mahesh Bisht said...

gr8 stuff.. man

really its looking Kool

amar said...

hey prashant gr8 work friend, this is d same way our players played.... ha ha... great stuff...

Chaitanya Limaye said...

Hey Prashanth,
The new render with the green background is making it look even more cool.
Looking forward for the term to start :) Anything new from this break ?

DJ said...


blew me away.. this is awesome!