Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Scared Shrekless" to hit TV screens 28th Oct 2010!

"Scared Shrekless" is the second TV special we completed at the DDU after "Merry Madagascar".
Its a Halloween based episode involving Shrek and all his friends. The show was in production for the past 7-8 months and unlike Merry Madagascar, it was done completely here at our unit in Bangalore!
If you live in the US, you can watch it on the NBC Channnel on the 28th of October 2010! ... if you dont, you can catch it on DVD in the coming months! :)

Theres also some bonus stuff we did for the Shrek 4 DVD that included a Christmas carol song and additional sequences.

I had a lot of fun animating on these shows! ... hoping that it is recieved well ! :)


Friday, October 30, 2009

The Cat and the Juggler

"The Cat and the Juggler" is a short film I was associated with at Raydrops Animation Studio Pvt Ltd - Bangalore prior to joining the DreamWorks unit.
This film went on to win the ASIFA Award of Excellence 2009 in the Best Professional Film Category and also the FICCI frames Award 2010 for the Best Direction.
Considering the fact that it was done by a bunch of young and relatively inexperienced artists, it makes it very special!!
I supervised the animation (didnt animate any) till around mid April and am glad to be associated with this film!
check it out!!

Vinod and me with the FICCI award!

team snap with the FICCI award:

Team Raydrops recieving the award from Shelly Page (DreamWorks) during the BangaloreASIFA IAD !

Monday, August 17, 2009

ICE AGE 3 Game Clip

Heres the clip I animted for the ICE AGE 3 game for Eurocom Entertainment Software.
This was done in a span of 20 working days part-time during Feb-March 2009.
Although the rigs were limited in their controls, I had so much fun working with Sid and Co!..hope you like it! :)


DDU's 4 old men! ;)

Ethnic Day (August 14th) at the DreamWorks Unit!
L-R: Andy Maxman (Anand Baid), Wall-E, Prasanjib Nag, Amrit Derhgawen, Prashanth Cavale.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catch up time!!

Well, I wouldnt say that I have been super busy!...but yeah.. I hardly get time to update this blog.
At the DreamWorks Unit, we wound up the animation of Merry Madagascar a couple of days back...Im glad I got to animate on it as well!
The visuals, animation style and the overall stylistic treatment is pretty much a continuation of Mad 2. Im sure you will agree when you see it and the entire team of animators here deserve a big round of applause! yaaay!
Technically it is challenging to get used to their propreitory tools on a different platform....( especially when you have been pampered with Maya) It also might require re-structuring your workflow a me it was a refreshing process and Im happy with the little progress that I have managed to make all these days.
Its a happy crowd out there and amidst all the tight schedules you can almost hear a crackle every minute...Overall, its what I call a laid back and a very informal work environment!
We ease into a couple of smaller projects and then head into the training for Shrek!! :))

On the personal front, I havent animated in Maya for a while. I did start of a rough pose test with Norman a couple of weeks back but that never took off. I have a couple of dialogs that I want to animate and I seriously hope that I make time for it and dont loose touch with Maya.

I also plan to pull up random animation clips and analyze them on my blog...i hope that would be an interesting excercise!

So..until next time!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headed towards DreamWorks Unit - Bangalore!! :)

In about a weeks time from now (May 7th) , I will be joining the animation team of the DreamWorks Dedicated Unit @ Paprikaas - Bangalore.
Looks like I would get to animate on a Direct-to-Video episode of SHREK after the initial training... lots of fun and challenges headed my way! This is by far the biggest opportunity I've had to utilize my abilities and I'm eagerly looking forward to it!!
For those who arent aware, heres a small article on the DreamWorks Unit at Bangalore :

coming week, I'll have another update hopefully
...till then...ciao and take care! :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Eurocom gig! :)

...started freelancing for Europe's leading independent games developer Eurocom Entertainment Software.
Im working on the ICE AGE-3 game which will be released along with the movie this July I guess!

yoohooo!!!...I get to animate Sidd the Sloth as the central character of the sequence I have been assigned!