Friday, September 19, 2008

AM Bangalore Meet!! :)

Hey!...its been quite a while since i posted something here...
Infact, I just wound up Term 5 at AM!! ...and in many ways this has been the most challenging term so far as you get to plan the bigger picture of which character animation is just a part. ...Being Mike's student helped me to a great extent!! ...He has been directing for quite a while and is probably one of AM's earliest mentors. I totally admire his thought process while planning cameras , character placement, sequences, setting up an act etc.
Not sure how effective my short would turn out to be eventually, but he definitely got the best out of me during this pre-production phase! :), just as I wound up the last assignment, there was some more fun headed my way! ...
We had a super cool AM student meet here in Bangalore! 6 of us AM buddies got together for dinner a couple of days back (19th Sept) and it was so much fun!..It was great to have Ambica who had come over all the way from Madurai, the super enthusiastic Siva, Vinod- The CG Encyclopaedia, my close buddy Ashwini, the newbie Mohan and the gentle giant Vinay..wish we had spent more time guys!

(L-R) Siva,Vinod,Ambica,Vinay,Prash,Mohan