Friday, October 30, 2009

The Cat and the Juggler

"The Cat and the Juggler" is a short film I was associated with at Raydrops Animation Studio Pvt Ltd - Bangalore prior to joining the DreamWorks unit.
This film went on to win the ASIFA Award of Excellence 2009 in the Best Professional Film Category and also the FICCI frames Award 2010 for the Best Direction.
Considering the fact that it was done by a bunch of young and relatively inexperienced artists, it makes it very special!!
I supervised the animation (didnt animate any) till around mid April and am glad to be associated with this film!
check it out!!

Vinod and me with the FICCI award!

team snap with the FICCI award:

Team Raydrops recieving the award from Shelly Page (DreamWorks) during the BangaloreASIFA IAD !


Noor Mohammed said...

Hi Prashant.
It is pleasure to watch somebody doing international level. Congrats for your achievements. You deserve it brother. I am glad to find out your blog.

dapOOn said...

kudos to ur team prashanth and to u too for such an enormous effort! i really enjoyed the over-all feel of it... and being an indian story makes it even more appealing & special! and hey, i'm glad to see my close friend bharath too in the team! we were together in takshaa!

looking forward to seeing more such amazing work from u all... and hoping to be in the team too someday! :P

Pedro Conti said...

hey man, nice blog here!
Congrats for the nice animation!

Nikul Patel said...

Nice Job