Saturday, January 24, 2009

My AM Short Film- Wrong Answer!! & Winning the Student Choice Awards!! :))

Hey everyone!
Heres the short film I worked on during the last 2 terms at
I call it - Wrong Answer!!
It is about an un-prepared guy in the exam hall!
At the moment this version just has the Maya viewport playblasts and I plan to put up the rendered version shortly.
Animation wise Im calling it done, although its still a bit unrefined in places...and its time to move ahead! :)

Wrong Answer!! from Prashanth Cavale on Vimeo.

feel free to comment/suggest and critique...
Hope you like it! :)

Coming to the other topic, Im super thrilled to have won the AnimationMentor Student Choice Award in the Walkcycle category!
this is a huge honor to be recognized amongst hundreds of super talented animators..and I owe this to my parents, my mentors and all my buddies who kept inspiring me!...thanks so much! :)



@b said...

cheers prashanth ! you have done it finally...18 months of hard work, your short says it all !

its looking beautiful, even the audio, editing, post production is pleasing !

way to go prashanth !

this is just the beginning !

have fun, good luck !

Prasad said...

That was super hilarious ! ...great animation ...and impressive characterization !

Mahesh Bisht said...


Lov it man..

damncreative said...

wooaaaaaah. Awesome short dude.Loved it. U reminded me of our school moments. Very nicely animated. Loved the acting. Gr 8 acting choice. Namma bengaluru huduga has done it again. Lolz.

And congrats on winning the student choice award. Keep rocking:)

V said...

saw this thanks to Reno...Awesome stuff dude.....keep at it..i'm looking forward to some awesome work from u in the future as well.....we should catch up soon!:)

Mohan said...

Sakkath film, kano. Congrats on the award :)

pcavale said...

thanks so much guys!!.. had a great time working on it! :)


bala said...

hey..just saw your short! awesome!!! very localized n practical joke! and sweet animation too. thanks to priya for sending ur link :)

dapOOn said...

i just love to see such simple concepts that we can relate to! and it's an indian story too!! that's super awesome! u inspire me man! keep it up.... high up!!

and congrats for winning! u deserve it! ^_^

prajwal said...

hey nice work prashanth !! good acting in the characters ... just a few thoughts .. more suspense could have built before he looks at the professor .. a little more exaggeration of boys expression wud enhance the situation . Gud work but liked the overall animation .waiting to see more :)

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Great short man!
Loved it :)

manish said...

i like it

very cool animation

Akshay said...

really liked ur short wrong answer.. d way both gives expression n their body language give an indian feel.. bet could u also upload d walk cycle for whch u won award.. hope to learn from dat.. :) really good work.. cheers..

Sandeep said...

great work.....actions are so smooth nad flow is vry nice..
congrats for all yr achievements and keep up the good work.

Ayush said...

Brilliant work :)