Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Eurocom gig! :)

...started freelancing for Europe's leading independent games developer Eurocom Entertainment Software.
Im working on the ICE AGE-3 game which will be released along with the movie this July I guess!

yoohooo!!!...I get to animate Sidd the Sloth as the central character of the sequence I have been assigned!



@b said...

awesome dude ! sid is so much fun as a character to animate with !

cant wait to see how you make it to life !

good luck !

Ratul Sarna said...

COngrats Congrats Congrats!!!!
Treat Due :D

Aparna-Appie! said...

omg! congratulations! :)

ashwini said...

"Helloo! hey.. french fry.. " :D
Hmmm 'm finding hard to leave a comment for you .. As we share n discuss between the cubicals.. :P

Cool man.. good to know its releasing with the Movie coming July..

It would be time for us to go n buy sm of ur awesome stuff on Landmark stands.. :)

VinAnimation said...

hii prashant,
Congragulations dude....
I read ur interview on n that is so great.. Great Job...

Happy Animating!!!......

Arijit Gupta said...

WooOOoow!! that's really awesome!! dude!
That's really exciting project you are working! Would love to know more :) ..congrats!!